Water Turbine Technology

The water turbine generators (WTG), developed and patented by Kinetron, are devices that enable transformation of the kinetic energy of a water flow into electrical energy to power consuming products. This transformation is realized by using a water turbine which is directly connected to a revolving magnet located within an induction field of a coil. The combination of generator, nozzle, turbine and bypass valve determine the output and the pressure drop of this system. The Kinetron WTG’s can be adapted to customer specifications by changing this combination. The WTG consists of materials that are compatible with drinking water and have the corresponding drinking water certificates such as KTW and WRAS. Initially the WTG is used for the ignition of a gas burner and for the electronics of a gas valve. As soon as the water tap is opened, the water turbine is accelerated and the generated energy ignites the burners.