About Kinetron

Are your products electronic, smart or connected? Need for autonomous operation with local off-grid energy (no wiring)? And do batteries lead to capacity-, size-, cost-, environmental- or other issues? Then Kinetron’s Smart Micro Energy Harvesters are your solution!

Kinetron develops and manufactures world’s smallest and most efficient micro generator systems, to harvest, process and store energy and information from movement (kinetic energy). Our systems enable the creation of (smart) self-powered products in an invisible, reliable and lifetime hassle-free way for the end user. Also, our products prevent millions of batteries entering the environment!

Our products are made in the Netherlands and are supplied as complete products or as OEM units to be easily installed and integrated into our customers final products. Finally, our highly skilled R&D department develops modified or custom systems if needed.


Since 1984, >30 years of experience, know-how & IP

“High tech, innovative, OEM company”

“Partnerships with leading universities world wide”

“R&D, manufacturing, assembly and testing in the Netherlands”

“Small to large serial production”

“High quality, safety and environmental standards”

“Customer oriented and high-quality employees and processes”

“World’s smallest and highest performing smart micro generators, magnets, mechanics, turbines and electronics”