Kinetron is proud to present its history. Some of our projects are not shown in this summary due to confidential agreements.

  • 1984: Kinetron was founded

    Mr. Knapen started the company with the development of a micro generator which generates electrical energy to power a watch.

  • 1988: The world’s first automatic Quarts watch

    Figuur 026, Samara 1After a few years of development, Kinetron introduced in cooperation with the Swiss watch company Jean d’Eve, the world’s first automatic quartz watch, the so called Samara. The successful introduction of the micro generator technology in quartz watches resulted in a solid foundation of new technologies, applications and partnerships.

  • 1990: Development of the micro motor

    Kinetron started with developing a micro motor that fits inside a catheter and turns a very accurate 3000 rpm. The micro motor is only 2mm long and has a diameter of 1mm. Due to modern innovations in the catheter industry, the development of Kinetron’s micro motor is continuously in development.

  • 1992: Development micro generator and autoquartz caliber for Swatch Group

    The Kinetron micro generator was successfully introduced into Autoquartz lines for ETA calibers used in Swatch, Tissot, Omega and Longines. More than 1 million micro generators have been produced till this day.

  • 1995: Development Medtronic medicine pump and energy harvester for neurostimulator.


  • 1999: Development of Water Turbine Generator systems

    Kinetron’s Water Turbine Generator (WTG) systems convert the kinetic energy of a water flow into electrical energy. Kinetron has produced over 2,8 million WTG’s for numerous applications, like gas water heaters, faucets and battery charge applications and is still producing and improving them.

  • 2001: ISO 9001 certified

    Kinetron is ISO 9001:2008 certified. This ensures our products and services consistently meet our customers’ requirements and quality is continuously improved.

  • 2004: Generator system in shopping cart wheel

    Development of generator system in shopping cart wheel. The shopping cart wheel locks when it reaches the edge of a restricted area.


  • 2007/2008: Development of WTG 2 & 3

    Redesign of the first generation Water Turbine Generator with higher efficiency and less parts.

  • 2009: Development and production of generating module for cellphone

    UNPhoneKinetron developed a generation module for the world’s first luxury hybrid cell phone: “Ulysse Nardin’s Chairman”. Kinetron assembled over 5.000 luxury generating modules which generate electrical power by the movement of an oscillating weight and by turning the crown.

  • 2010: Development of WTG 4

    Water turbine generator equipped with a RGB LED and specially designed to fit in a faucet.

  • 2011: Development and production of caliber for digital watch

    Ventura’s “SPARC MGS” is equipped with a Kinetron micro generating system. This system is able to power the watch. Because the “caliber” itself is visible through a sapphire glass, it’s aesthetic aspects are performed on a high level.

  • 2012-2014

    Kinetron is working for several Multinationals on exiting projects, but these projects are highly confidential, so we can not disclose them on our website.

  • 2015:

    Presently Kinetron is a modern innovative company with customers all over the world. We are continuously developing micro kinetic systems for numerous applications. Our latest inventions will be presented on our website, unless prohibited by confidential agreements.