Research & Development

Kinetron develops micro kinetic systems that harvest kinetic energy or use electrical energy to drive a kinetic system. Kinetron’s Research and Development team develops custom made solutions based on our micro kinetic technology.

Kinetron offers a wide range of energy harvesting systems as a solution for applications that need electrical energy. This is based on 30 years of experience with electromechanical energy harvesting. We use this knowledge to organize the creation of product, process and production in global co-operation with industrial partners, research institutes and universities.

After analyzing your application, we will make you a dedicated project offer with all the necessary phases describing the development of the kinetic system. The functional prototype that is developed during this project will demonstrate its capabilities. If these capabilities are according to customers’ demands, we can enter the development of the producible product and the production process, which will lead to mass production of the kinetic system that is used in your application.