Smart Turbine Technology

The water turbines, developed and patented by Kinetron, are devices that transform kinetic energy of a water flow into electrical energy to power electronic products.

This transformation is realized by a highly efficient turbine generator, combined with a bypass valve technology which assures the highest power at low flowrates and the lowest pressure drop at high flowrates.

Besides energy generation, Kinetron’s smart turbine systems can be equipped with highly efficient rectifying, charging and storing circuits and (wireless) flowrate, temperature and other sensor information needed to create self-powered smart products for monitoring and control purposes.

Benefit from our patented and proven technology

√ Micro water turbine market leader
Proven technology, over 3,5 million sold worldwide in 17 years
Smallest volume, highest power density
Highest output power versus lowest pressure drop (high efficiency)
Wide flow range
Lowest starting flowrates
 High temperature and pressure resistant

Several standard types of wires
 Custom wires, connector’s and contacts possible
 High life time, durability and low noise performance
 Drinking water approved materials (KTW, W270, WRAS, other)
Efficient rectifying, charging and storing circuit
 Flow, temperature and other sensor information to enable smart products
 Standard, modified or custom water turbine systems possible