motion-based energy harvesting systems for self-powered products

Generators Turbines Electronics Actuators

Energy Harvesting Excellence

35 years of experience in developing and manufacturing customer specific motion based energy harvesting systems to enable self powered intelligent products for multinational partners and to facilitate the worldwide growth of electronic products and IoT in a sustainable way.


Water Heating

Water turbines for self-powered gas water heater burner ignition and electronic appliance control, low power or self-powered (wireless) flow & temperature sensors.

Water Management

Self-powered water tap points, smart water meters, wireless flow temperature sensors for water and energy monitoring, water flush valve for legionella prevention.


Smart grid irrigation, self-powered flow sensors, smart valves and irrigation controllers.


Self-powered (smart) sensor taps, showers, urinals, toilet plates, self-powered (wireless) flow & temperature sensors for water and energy monitoring and legionella control.

Watches & Wearables

Weight based generator systems and crown or bezel winding generator systems for self-powered automatic quartz watches and low power smart watches

Location tracking

Self-charging ultra low power (emergency) location trackers to protect and track moving objects, humans and animals with extreme long or infinite battery life.

Home & Building

Maintenance free self-powered remote controls for lights, and sunscreens, wireless door and window contacts.


mechanical generator systems

Energy and Information from motion

Generate, process and store  electrical energy and information from mechanical or human motion to enable life time maintenance and hassle free self-powered products

turbines generator systems

Energy and Information from flowing water

Generate, process and store electrical energy and information from the flow of fluids (water) to enable life time, maintenance and hassle free, self-powered products. 

micro motors

World’s smallest and most efficient customized motor solutions


All components together guarentee an effecient and reliable energy harvesting system. This is why we like to develop complete systems to the best possible performance.

Micro Generator

All our systems generate energy using a electro-mechanical generator

Mechanical or Turbine

Powered by kinetic movement in the form of rotation, linear movement, weight drop, water or air


Power & information management, energy storage, monitoring and wireless communication


Micro motors, actuators, valves

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