Continuous research and development of energy harvesting technologies leading to the highest performing customized solutions with minimum investment, risk and time to market.

Generator technology

Micro-generators (up to 10W) convert the kinetic energy into electrical energy which is used to create self-powered electronic (IoT) products.

Kinetron was founded by the invention of world’s smallest and energy dense 4mm and 14 pole micro-generator for the Swiss watch industry.

Today the micro-generator is the beating heart of all our energy harvesting systems. We have the knowledge and capabilities to develop and manufacture customized multi-pole generators in different size, energy and price levels.

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Linear, rotational or gravity (weight) mechanical systems are required to transfer the energy from motion into rotational mechanical energy required by the micro-generator.

(Micro)mechanical components used in the are driving elements, gears, wheels, one way clutches, spring systems, etc.

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Turbine Systems

Turbine systems are used to convert energy from fluid flow (water,air) into rotational mechanical energy required by the micro-generator.

We have over 20 years’ experience and millions of turbine products in the gas water heater and sanitary market worldwide.

Innovative designs in combination with high quality drinking water approved materials lead to high performing turbine products with high power output, low pressure loss and maintenance free solutions.

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The electric energy generated by the mechanical or turbine generator system is efficiently rectified and if required stored into capacitors or rechargeable batteries to power the electronics of the self-powered product.

The system can be made more intelligent and connected by using the generator signals, and/or signals from other type of sensors, and the addition of connectivity like Bluetooth, Zigbee, 868MHz, LoRa, LTE-M, NB-IoT, Sigfox, etc.

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We are eager to learn more about your business and possible applications for our technologies. Of course we are also available to answer questions and to supply more detailed information.