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Energy harvesting excellence by 35 years of continuous research and development in energy harvesting systems.

Kinetron has over 35 years of experience in the research and development of energy harvesting systems and their components, leading to multiple patented technologies and products. By combining our expertise, know-how and IP, we can develop a customized energy harvesting system to market in the shortest time and with the lowest investment possible for our multinational partners.

With our in-house prototyping department, 3D printing techniques and supplier network, we can rapidly make prototypes and modifications in the design phase.


New developments are done in close cooperation with our multinational partners and universities worldwide.

We support our clients from concept generation up to serial production in the following development phases:

  • Concept generation and feasibility studies
  • Proof of concept prototyping and testing
  • Product development & reliability and lifetime testing
  • Production process development and production start-up
  • Product and process optimizations – continuous improvement

Of course, for our multi-national clients, we are able to customize our project approach to fully integrate into any corporate development process.

Overal System Approach

A major advantage of working with Kinetron in development is our overall energy harvesting system approach. We consider the energy harvesting system starting with input energy or motion. Then, we include the mechanics, the electromagnetic micro-generator and the electronics in our approach to develop the optimal system based on your requirements in energy, efficiency, size and price of the system.

Kinetron has expertise in:

  • 3D CAD design in Solidworks
  • Mechanical calculations and simulations
  • Micro-generator (flux) design, calculations and simulations
  • Low power electronics design, calculations and simulations


We are eager to learn more about your needs and requirements for a customized energy harvesting system. Of course we are also available to answer questions and to supply more detailed information.

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