Micro-Generator Technology

Customized micro generators in any energy, efficiency, size and price to generate energy and information from motion.


Electromagnetic induction generators, also called micro generators, convert the kinetic energy from the rotating multipole magnetic rotor into an alternating magnetic field in the multipole metal stator, which encloses a coil with multiple electrical windings, and which successively generates electrical energy in this coil in the form of an alternating voltage and current by the induction principle.

The generated energy is used to power electronic or IoT products. Also the generator signal can be used to create information about the kinetic energy driving the generator, such as rotational speed, acceleration, rotation angle and rotational direction which can be used by the electronics to create more intelligent products and eliminate the use for additional complex electromechanical structures, sensors and encoders.

Smallest generator in the world

Kinetron was founded in 1984 by the invention and development of world’s smallest and most energy dense 4mm multipole generator for the Swiss watch industry. In the 1990’s millions of micro generators were sold to famous Swiss watch brands to enable the introduction of world’s first self-powered quartz watch, also called the “Auto Quartz”. 

Multi-pole generators

Today, with over 35 years of experience, Kinetron has the IP, skills and competences to design and manufacture customized multi-pole micro generators (up to 10W) in different energy, efficiency, size and price. This is demonstrated in numerous successful applications and millions of self-powered products supplied to different markets.


We are eager to learn more about your business and possible applications for micro generator systems. Of course we are also available to answer questions and to supply more detailed information.

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