Energy harvesting systems developed in close cooperation with multinational partners to enable self-powered, maintenance and hassle free products in focus markets.

Water Heating

Water turbines for self-powered gas water heater burner ignition and electronic appliance control, low power or self-powered (wireless) flow & temperature sensors.

Water Management

Self-powered water tap points, smart water meters, wireless flow temperature sensors for water and energy monitoring, water flush valve for legionella prevention.


Smart grid irrigation, self-powered flow sensors, smart valves and irrigation controllers.


Self-powered (smart) sensor taps, showers, urinals, toilet plates, self-powered (wireless) flow & temperature sensors for water and energy monitoring and legionella control.

Watches & Wearables

Weight based generator systems and crown or bezel winding generator systems for self-powered automatic quartz watches and low power smart watches

Location tracking

Self-charging ultra low power (emergency) location trackers to protect and track moving objects, humans and animals with extreme long or infinite battery life.

Home & Building

Maintenance free self-powered remote controls for lights, and sunscreens, wireless door and window contacts.

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