Home & Building

The home and building market is a growing market in which our energy harvesting systems fullfill the increasing need for autonomous, maintenance free, electronic devices, sensors and remote controls.

Remote control

A battery-free remote control based on a rotational energy harvesting system. Besides power this remote can also generate a whole range of SMART commands. This remote has great applications for sun screens and light systems.


Water usage sensor

This self-powered flow (and temperature) sensor can be connected to any water applicance and tracks water usage. This system can optionally also communicate the information wirelessly.

Water temperature warning sensor

This battery-free turbine powered sensor measures the temperature of the water and can give a warning sound at a certain tresshold. Optionally the sensor can have a display, also powered by the turbine inside.

Window & Door sensor

Which door is still open, are all windows closed? Our self-powered sensors provide a lot of comfort in a building with a couple of 100 doors or windows. Sends a wireless message when powered.


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