Mechanical System Technology

Customized (micro) mechanical systems in any energy, efficiency, size and price to generate energy and information from motion


A mechanical system is required to convert the kinetic energy present in human or mechanical motion, into the required rotational speed and torque for the micro generator.

In the mechanical system (micro) mechanical components like gears, springs and one way clutches are used to transform, store, release and reverse the motion based kinetic energy to efficiently drive the micro-generator.

There are three types of motion, or kinetic input energy, which can be converted:

  1. Linear motion – a linear displacement in relation to the fixed world.
  2. Rotational motion – a rotational motion in relation to the fixed world.
  3. Gravity based motion – a undefined or rotational motion in relation to the gravity.

The generated energy is used to power electronic or IoT products. Also the mechanical generator system’s signal can be used to create information about the kinetic energy driving the generator, such as rotational speed, acceleration, rotation angle and rotational direction which can be used by the electronics to create more intelligent self powered products and to eliminate the use for additional complex electromechanical structures, sensors and encoders.


Smart generators are an autonomous, lifetime, eco-friendly, hassle free and user-friendly technology, that supplies energy, information and commands for all your smart electronic, monitoring and/or control products.


  • Energy and information harvesting from human or mechanical motion
  • Maintenance- and hassle free operation
  • No need for wiring, battery replacement or recharging
  • Highest power density and efficiency in the market
  • World’s smallest micro-generator technology
  • Efficient micro precision mechanics
  • Efficient energy rectifying and storing technology
  • Smart signal generation and electronic processing for monitoring and control
  • Proven patented technologies in the watch and lock industry (millions sold)
  • Shock resistant, reliable and durable
  • Use (patented) technologies, know-how, standards, designs and parts
  • Standard, modified or custom systems possible

Today, with over 35 years of experience, Kinetron has the IP, skills and competences to design and manufacture customized mechanical generator systems (up to 10W) in different energy, efficiency, size and price. This is demonstrated in numerous successful product applications and millions of self-powered products supplied to different markets.


We are eager to learn more about your business and possible applications for mechanical micro generator systems. Of course we are also available to answer questions and to supply more detailed information.

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