production facility

Serial and volume production of competitive, innovative, high quality energy harvesting solutions.


Kinetron has over 35 years of experience in serial and volume production of high quality energy harvesting solutions.

We manufacture multipole micro generators and multipole micro magnets. Other parts are being sourced globally. Finally we assemble and test the energy harvesting product before shipping it to the customers.

Our production and logistics processes are developed in close cooperation with our multinational clients to assure the lowest overall costs, the highest efficiency and service in the supply chain.

Quality, efficiency and labour costs in the netherlands

Kinetron guarantees high quality products made in the Netherlands by implementing the following production strategy:

  • Innovative product design to assure highest performance and quality level and to minimize manual labor
  • Source strategic components with low labor content nearby, mostly automated productions
  • Outsource manual assembly of sub-assemblies at low cost countries
  • Mechanize and automate remaining manufacturing and assembly if possible technically and commercially
  • Roots in the watch industry, ISO9001, continuous improvement and lean manufacturing


We are eager to learn more about your needs and requirements for the production of energy harvesting solutions. Of course we are also available to answer questions and to supply more detailed information.

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