Axial Water Turbine Generator: new demonstrator now available!

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Smart and Wireless Axial Water Turbine Generator for Flow and Temperature Measurement

Kinetron’s Axial Water Turbine Generator (AWTG) is a smart, wireless, and turbine-powered flow & temperature sensor that converts water flow into electrical power. Simultaneously, AWTG measures and wirelessly transmits temperature and water flow data to the user.

The AWTG system is based on a patented turbine flowmeter technology, which combines energy generation and flow measurement within one turbine generator. This makes the system extremely small, accurate, reliable, and affordable.

The turbine generates sufficient energy to measure and wirelessly transmit data over a long distance in a reliable way. Moreover, AWTG can power additional electronic functionalities or charge a capacitor/battery if needed.

The AWTG is a smart self-powered product with a low cost of installation and ownership, no battery replacement, and lifetime user-friendliness.

Contact us to order an AWTG demonstrator sample! (Shelf price: €200)

Axial water turbine generator


The AWTG demonstrator comes with a dashboard where flow and temperature information can be constantly monitored, and LED behaviour can be remotely set.

Axial water turbine generator dashboard

Technical specifications

  • Water turbine for power generation, flow rate, and temperature measurements
  • Electronics with wireless data communication to measure and transmit the flow rate and temperature
  • Total dimensions, including housing and electronics: Diameter 26mm, Length 30mm – can be smaller in OEM unit
  • Flow range 2,8-10 l/min continuous flow. If water flow is intermittent, it is possible to go up to 15 l/min.
  • Stable flow rpm relation: target <5%, max. <10% accuracy
  • BLE communication. Possible to develop and support other systems (for instance: Zigbee, Sigfox, WIFI, etc.).
  • Local temperature and flow data storage
  • Drinking water approvals are available

*All of the above specifications can be customized.

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