Kinetron's Power turbine in the Irrigation industry

Irrigation Turbines

Kinetron’s power turbine effectively improves SMART grid irrigation and optimizes the irrigation system’s performance. Our customizable turbine is capable of powering controllers, sensors, and valves.

How it works

Kinetron’s power turbine system offers an immediate and constant energy output at different water flow ranges. Thanks to the innovative design and our bypass technology, it is possible to provide a continuous and stable energy supply.

The system starts at a minimum water flow of 1,8 liters per minute. The water first flows through the turbine inlet and then in the nozzle, optimizing the water flux for the turbine to spin. The turbine powers the electromagnetic generator integrated into the top of the housing resulting in a steady AC power output.

When the water flow reaches higher levels, a valve installed in our bypass system gradually opens to regulate the pressure and secure the free flow of excess water. This bypass system protects from heavy pressure drops and overaccelerating the turbine rotor. The result is an immediate power supply at the required energy level, preserved water pressure, and consistent water flow thanks to the bypass system.


Technical specifications

  • Flow range: 1,8 - 25 l/min.
  • Voltage: 1.5 - 6,0 V AC
  • Power: up to 320 mW
  • Maximum water pressure: 40 Bar
  • Maximum water temperature: 85˚C
  • Inlet connector: Ø 20,5 mm  
  • Outlet connector: Ø 17 mm
  • Electrical connector: SMR-02-B connector, KCC or custom
  • Housing material: PPA
  • Certificates: KTW, WRAS up to 85°C

Technical product and connection drawings are available on request.


Kinetron’s power turbine systems can be custom developments to meet the application’s size, energy, and price. Every application of our technology is therefore uniquely adjusted for your needs. The power turbine can influence the power output level (at specific flow), maximum pressure loss, output voltage level, cable and housing connections, and add electronics and storage options.


Water Turbine Generator systems

The power turbine can be part of an energy harvesting system. The system components can be divided into two different categories: “Power Only” and “Storage and Smart Turbine.”

The “Power Only” system consists of our Micro Generator and mechanism that facilitates/allows the transformation of kinetic energy into the necessary power. This system is well suited to supply energy for your devices and, if required, can work in synergy with your implementations to achieve different types of goals. For instance, we can add rectification electronics and a capacitor or batteries for more advanced purposes. This will allow you to supply a DC output to instantly power your device when the flow is present or store energy for continuous or later use.

Wireless communication electronics can be added to transmit and receive information. The energy harvesting system can also include actuators like valves and motors. Wireless communication will allow you to have a fully functional self-powered SMART device that can be operated remotely.


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