Smart Generator Technology

The mechanical generator systems, developed and patented by Kinetron, are devices that transform human or mechanical kinetic energy into electrical energy to power electronic products.

This transformation is realized by a highly efficient micro generators and micro precision mechanics, to guarantee the highest efficiency and highest power density in the market.

Besides energy generation, Kinetron’s smart generator systems can be equipped with highly efficient rectifying, charging and storing circuits and can be configured to gather, process and (wirelessly) transmit data about the use or movement of the system. This enables the creation of self-powered smart products for monitoring and control purposes.

Energy and information harvesting from human or mechanical motion
 Highest power density and efficiency in the market
√ World’s smallest micro-generator technology
√ Efficient micro precision mechanics
√ Efficient energy rectifying and storing technology

√ Smart signal generation and electronic processing for monitoring and control
Proven technology in the watch industry (millions sold)
Shock resistant, reliable and durable
Use (patented) technologies, know-how, standards, designs and parts
Standard, Modified or custom systems possible

Micro generators

• World’s smallest micro generator (4mm)
• Highest energy density, efficiency & power
• Smallest and strongest multipole micro magnets
• Diameter 4-25mm
• Power 10mW to 10W

Micro mechanics

• Transform human or mechanical motion into rotation
• Gravity based weight, linear and rotational systems
• Micro precision gears, mechanical rectifiers, clutches and spring systems
• Low speed or speed independent systems possible
• Uni- or bi-directional, low speed or speed independent configurations possible
• Integrated intelligent (active) signals, switches and encoders
• High mechanical accuracy and efficiency
• Reliable and high life time

Smart electronics

• Process energy and information
• Efficient rectifying and storing circuits
• Create smart signals and commands
• Smart signal processing for monitoring and control
• Electronic & mechanical load control
• Wireless communication
• Low energy consumption