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Among all the energy harvesting solutions now available in the market, Kinetron focuses its expertise on motion-based energy harvesting systems. This includes electromagnetic induction generators, mechanical generator systems, turbine systems, and integrated low-power electronic circuits.


Electromagnetic induction generators (Micro generators) convert vibrations into electrical power that can efficiently scavenge energy from low-frequency external vibrations by rotating a multipole magnetic rotor into an alternating magnetic field in the multipole metal stator.

According to Faraday’s Electromagnetic Induction Law, it is possible to observe voltage generation in a conductor when a changing magnetic field influences the conductor.

Faraday's Law

In Kinetron’s micro-generators, electrical energy is generated in a coil with multiple electrical turns in the form of an alternating voltage and current according to Faraday’s principle.


Electro-mechanical generator systems harvest energy from the surrounding environment. Such systems enable (for instance) sensor nodes that require no maintenance that can be used for autonomous wireless sensor networks.

Three types of kinetic input energy can be converted: linear motion, rotational motion, and gravity-based motion. A mechanical system exploits kinetic energy existing in human or mechanical activity and turns it into the required rotational speed and valuable torque for the autonomous micro-generators.


A Turbine system is used to transform the energy present in flowing water into the required rotational speed and torque for the micro-generator.

Power turbines are optimal for powering electronic devices, sensors, and controls over a wide flow range; axial reaction turbines are, on the other hand, mainly used to monitor flow rate accurately and simultaneously generate energy.

Energy harvesting is a reliable power source for electronic or IoT products and supplies reliable information about the water flow (such as flow rate, flow direction, and water consumption).


Finally, Kinetron is an expert in implementing Electronics and Intelligence in Energy harvesting systems. Kinetron systems gather signals from the generator and (possibly) from additional sensors, and our electronic circuits process these signals to enable information monitoring and reduce size, complexity, and product price.

The energy harvesters become more autonomous by implementing connectivity systems (e.g., Bluetooth or ZigBee). Connectivity systems enable self-powered (IoT) products, sensors, and remote controls.

Eventually, expanding the system with motors, actuators, or valves creates the opportunity to locally control or activate certain functionalities completing self-powered monitoring and controlling products.

The technologies mentioned above are great tools for energy harvesting, and Kinetron also offers expertise in efficient low-power electronic circuits to rectify and store the generated energy efficiently. The energy can be stored in a capacitor or rechargeable battery in a system that can be used as a 1,5V to 12V power supply to create self-powered products.

Energy harvesting technology system components

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