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According to ECDC and CDC, 400 to 600 Legionella disease cases occur in the Netherlands every year, with a death rate between 10% and 25% depending on the patient’s age and health condition.

The legionella bacterium develops exponentially in stagnant water with a temperature between 20 and 55 degrees Celsius. Inhaling tiny droplets of contaminated water can cause severe pneumonia.

Showers, therefore, pose an increased risk of contracting an infection. People are seriously ill for a long time. Luckily, there is now a smart system that minimizes the risk of Legionella contamination: Sfella by Mioto.


What is Sfella?

Sfella is a modular system developed for rooms and buildings with several showers. This smart system ensures that the water pipe is automatically flushed after a determined amount of time since the last use of the shower.

This shower system immediately reports when something is wrong with the temperature or water supply, provides all the critical information needed for monitoring and allows remote management.

Sfella is based on the MyriaNed mesh platform. The data is transferred to and from the shower-related units via a wireless network. The system works bi-directionally so that all settings can be changed remotely. For reporting purposes, the data can optionally be stored and consulted via a portal in the cloud.

smart shower system
Kinetron power turbine

Kinetron's power turbine to support legionella prevention

Sfella has been developed by Mioto, the sister company of Van Mierlo Ingenieursbureau, to tackle legionella disease through prevention and control. Mioto is currently testing and integrating Kinetron’s power turbine WTG3 to make Sfella self-sustainable and maintenance-free.

Kinetron’s power turbine can power smart solutions for legionella prevention and could be featured with additional electronics and batteries.

Sfella is smart, easy to use, and provides several features:

  • Individual units. A Sfella unit is included in the water supply for each shower point, with a push-button and a temperature sensor. Each water point can therefore be monitored separately.
  • Normal shower comfort. One push of the piezo button, and the shower runs. The shower stops after pressing the button again (or after a specific and adjustable time).
  • Adjustable rinse interval. As soon as the shower stops, a timer starts to run. The pipe is automatically flushed after a set time (usually 72 hours).
  • Temperature protection. If the thermostatic tap is too high or defective, the water supply will stop automatically. A blockage in the water supply is also immediately signaled.
  • Easy to operate with a tablet. The administrator can set temperature, shower time, and rinse interval with a tablet. The administrator sees whether everything is working correctly and can switch showers on and off remotely.
Kinetron power turbine for showers

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