Refugee Team and Kinetron have joined their forces!

Social resposibility

Refugee Team is a Dutch organization that supports refugees during their integration in the Netherlands and ensures they can take control over their personal and professional development here. Working for a company offers newcomers the opportunity to be introduced to the labor market and contributes to improving the environment they spend most of the day in.

After looking at the Refugee Team’s fantastic work, we decided to take action, and we are happy to now have here at Kinetron Saghar and Senait! Saghar and Senait started working at Kinetron in the production department after Rianne (HR employee at Kinetron) and Suzanne (coach at Refugee Team) decided to team up.

“At Kinetron, we look at professional skills, but what matters is the individual’s attitude,” says Rianne Burgers. “It must be someone that enjoys working in a team, someone who wants to work hard and have a good time together with colleagues.”


Integration at Kinetron

During Senait's trial period, Rianne had regular contact with Suzanne. “We have had Suzanne a few times here at Kinetron to monitor our progress. We understood Senait was not comfortable speaking up when she didn’t understand a task, but thanks to Suzanne’s intermediation and support, we achieved better communication with her."

Senait was the first Refugee Team participant to work at Kinetron, and although her Dutch needed to improve, she got offered and signed a seven-month contract. Rianne commented, “I find stories of people who have been through many difficulties deeply touching, and I believe that a stable job could help them to build a brighter future.”

Rianne prefers to invite candidates who have found Kinetron independently instead of relying on recruitment and selection agencies. “Somehow, Suzanne pressed the right button. It was clear that Refugee Team is not a recruitment agency but a supportive organization for refugees who have come to the Netherlands.”

The right balance

Currently, Kinetron employs two participants from RefugeeTeam. Rianne highlights how the Dutch language is a valuable working skill and plays a role in daily contact with colleagues. “What we do not want at Kinetron is to have new employees feeling uncomfortable because they are not being able to conversate during a break or while working. Therefore, we arranged Dutch classes for Senait and Saghar, and we always encouraged them to study alongside their working hours.”

In the first months, Rianne gave particular attention to Senait and Saghar. “I do that because I want to be sure they are happy here. If I notice someone is not enjoying their time here, maybe this place is not the right fit for them”. If they consider moving to another company in the future, Rianne will indeed support their choice. “In this case, I'm glad anyway that we were able to be involved in this project. Saghar and Senait are extremely motivated, well-integrated in the team, and know their way around.”

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