Axial Water Turbine Generator: Technology and Applications

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Kinetron’s Axial Water Turbine Generator (AWTG) is a smart, wireless, and turbine-powered flow & temperature sensor that converts water flow into electrical power. Simultaneously, AWTG measures and wirelessly transmits temperature and water flow data to the user.

The AWTG system is based on a patented turbine flowmeter technology, which combines energy generation and flow measurement within one turbine generator. This makes the system extremely small, accurate, reliable, and affordable. A new AWTG demonstrator with a user-friendly interface is also available for purchasing.

This energy harvesting generates sufficient energy to measure and wirelessly transmit data over a long distance in a reliable way. Moreover, AWTG can charge a capacitor/battery or power additional electronic functionalities.

AWTG is a smart self-powered product with a low cost of installation and ownership, no battery replacement, and lifetime user-friendliness.


Kinetron’s AWTG can be customized for power, flow, size, pressure drop, and price needs. Would you like to make your application self-powered? Contact us for tailored feedback!


Possible variations are possible in a custom design. The temperature and flow meter can be on a wired or wireless connection. Extra functionalities can be supported: light signals, LEDs, sound alarms, a display, or a self-powered valve. For Instance, look at how Kinetron enabled a self-powered timer display for handwashing educational purposes.


  • Water turbine for power generation, flow rate, and temperature measurements
  • Electronics with wireless data communication to measure and transmit the flow rate and temperature
  • Total dimensions, including housing and electronics: Diameter 26mm, Length 30mm – can be smaller in OEM unit
  • Flow range 2,8-10 l/min continuous flow. If water flow is intermittent, it can go up to 15 l/min.
  • Stable flow rpm relation: target <5%, max. <10% accuracy
  • BLE communication. Possible to develop and support other systems (for instance: Zigbee, Sigfox, WIFI, etc.).
  • Local temperature and flow data storage
  • Drinking water approvals are available

*All of the above specifications can be customized.


These are a few examples of possible applications for this technology:

  • Water management: Our Smart Wireless AWTG generates power and enables autonomous and maintenance-free electronic (IoT) devices (for instance, a hygiene flush valve) and sensors. AWTG allows remotely monitoring clean and safe water parameters like time, flow, volume, temperature, and energy.
  • Sanitary industry: The AWTG can help you distribute clean and safe drinking water in a controlled manner. The AWTG can be used as a self-powered turbine sensor to measure flow, volume, temperature, and energy used at the appliance or point of use. This can be helpful for connected sanitary solutions like a smart shower, a connected (manual) tap, urinal, or toilet. This gives real-time information for smart homes and buildings, allowing water management, water, and energy consumption monitoring, legionella prevention, and hygiene control. Kinetron’s AWTG can power LEDs to demonstrate the temperature of the water, the water volume (or energy) used, or create a wellness experience in faucets and showers. A turbine-powered display unit can be installed to monitor flow & temperature, reduce water and energy consumption, and indicate high-temperature warnings.
  • Home and building management: Kinetron’s AWTG fulfills the increasing need for autonomous maintenance-free electronic devices and sensors connected to any water appliance. Water and energy usage tracking and water temperature warning sensor (with the option of a self-sustainable sensor display) are now transmitted via wireless communication.
  • Irrigation: SMART grid irrigation increases yield but requires more (wireless) controllers, sensors, and valves. The AWTG allows connected turbine-powered irrigation controllers and valves, including flow monitoring and sensor devices, to optimize the irrigation system’s performance and enable smart grid irrigation.

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