Shower monitoring: raising awareness on water consumption with Energy Harvesting

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According to EPA, an average shower uses around 6 to 8 litres of water per minute, accounting for almost 20% of indoor water usage.

Showering water consumption is esteemed to be about 100 hours per year in a three-person household with around five minutes per person of showering time per day.

Raising awareness

Raising awareness is the first step to habit change, which is the best way consumers can start taking action. Monitoring devices for water usage may be a solution to tackle high consumption through awareness, leading to savings for ten thousand litres and more than 500 kWh per year in every household.

In 2022, the price of gas and electricity reached record highs. This is due to higher demand during the Covid pandemic, the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the EU’s high dependency on other countries for its energy supply. This led to an increase in import costs that caused producers’ and consumers’ energy usage to cost more than double their original price (compared to pre-Covid times).

Energy prices in the EU

Energy Harvesting solutions

Kinetron developed an energy harvesting system for Get hai to allow self-powered monitoring of water consumption.

The system powers a smart LED that notifies the user when water is at the desired temperature and when the pre-set water usage goals have been reached. The app allows users to customise their LED lights and track how much time, water, and energy have been used during their showers.

smart shower energy consumption kinetron

Axial Water Turbine Generator technology

The energy harvesting system is based on our Axial Water Turbine Generator (AWTG) technology.

AWTG is a smart, wireless, and turbine-powered flow & temperature sensor that converts water flow into electrical power. The AWTG system is based on a patented turbine flowmeter technology, which combines energy generation and flow measurement within one turbine generator.

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