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Kinetron’s small power turbine system technology allows transforming energy present in flowing water into the rotational speed and torque required to power an electro-mechanical generator. Kinetron offers expertise in researching and developing customizable battery-free and maintenance-free systems for low-energy-consuming products.

Power turbines maximize power generation at low water flow rates, with the possibility of minimum pressure loss at higher flow rates thanks to bypass technology. Our products are effective solutions for water heating, irrigation systems, and sanitary products, amongst other things.

Kinetron’s current power turbines result from years of continuous improvement, which led to our current 5th generation Water Turbine Generator. Improvements resulted in halving the production costs while doubling the energy output and reducing the size and the water flow necessary to produce such output while increasing the product’s quality and lifespan.

History of Kinetron’s Power Turbines

The prototype in brass was built in 1998 for the Bosch Company. It was the proof of concept to demonstrate that Kinetron’s power turbine and its generator effectively produced enough energy from the water flow to power a gas water heater and avoid using batteries or the need for a mains plug. The power turbine concept never changed, but its housing had many developments during the years.

The 1st generation of Kinetron’s power turbine system (which started to be produced in 2000) was made out of three assembled parts: a nozzle that optimized the water flow for the turbine’s activation, and two components that screwed together would become the housing of the turbine. The whole system was drastically upgraded when Kinetron’s engineers developed the 3rd generation turbine, with a molded case and a new bypass system. These revolutionary changes reduced labor and components and improved reliability and lifespan.

With no screws and a bypass system that eased the pressure on the turbine, the first generation turbine’s challenges (leakage at high pressures around the screws and material costs) were solved. Kinetron is undoubtedly the leader of the small power turbine market and offers its products at a highly competitive price thanks to the outputs of its Research and Development department.

A few current applications:

  1. Water heating systems

Power turbines come in handy in the water heating market. Tankless and portable gas water heaters have maintenance-free turbine generator systems that can power electronic ignition and control the device, eliminating the need for disposable batteries and related issues. Both systems can be connected to flow temperature meters, which increase the device’s functionality and reduce energy and gas consumption.

  1. Sanitary products

Kinetron’s power turbine is a maintenance-free solution to enable infrared or other types of sensors on faucets, showers, urinals, and toilet plates. A single turbine is capable of powering one or more sanitary devices.

  1. Irrigation

Kinetron’s power turbines are an effective way to supply the necessary energy to irrigation controllers and valves. These wireless self-powered and maintenance-free devices can be used in Smart grid irrigation to monitor water flow, optimize irrigation performances, and enhance crop yield output.

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