Axial Water Turbine Generator: Covid handwash timer for Risk Factory

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Risk Factory Limburg-Noord

The Risk Factory Limburg-Noord is an infrastructure where groups of children and seniors experience exposure to health and safety risks and develop new positive health habits through realistic and interactive scenarios. We are happy to hear that after a few months of forced stop due to Covid19 restrictions, the Risk Factory is open again!

How does the Covid handwash timer works?

Kinetron’s self-powered Covid handwash timer is a product purposely developed for educational and monitoring purposes. We are excited to see how our device has been used to educate people about the correct way to wash their hands to improve personal hygiene and reduce the chances of spreading Covid. The steps for proper behavior (according to World Health Organization) are shown on the self-powered display:

- Wet your hands with running warm or cold water.

- Apply soap.

- Scrub your hands together, their back, and between the fingers.

- Finally, rinse your hands properly under running water.

Axial Water Turbine Generator with Covid handwash display

Learning through experience

Real-life experiences change the attitude towards risk, giving the knowledge to make the right decisions. The scenarios for young people have been determined based on the core objectives of primary education, and the methods for seniors have been developed in consultation with Limburg’s Senior Association.

Axial Water Turbine Generator

Through wireless communication, our Axial Water Turbine Generator can monitor and display water volume, flow, and temperature (with the option of integrated water temperature warning signals). With Kinetron’s battery-free, self-powered, wireless temperature and flow sensors, we can make any water appliance instantly SMART and connected.

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